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  The  St. Andrew’s Society of the City of Milwaukee grew out of a

desire among local Scots to unite for benevolent purposes, and to

establish a framework for social and cultural activities. The first steps

in this direction were taken on March 24th, 1847, when Alexander Mitchell

rallied the local Scottish community to raise funds for the relief of famine

victims in Scotland. The effort raised $512, and the success, coupled with

the business triumphs of many of Milwaukee’s Scots, inspired them to

more organized events.


  On January 24th, 1851, the newly created Burns Club held an informal

Burns Supper at Ben Belden’s Old House Saloon on Spring Street (now

Wisconsin Avenue), to give substance to what Scots had tentatively began

in 1848. Judge Arthur MacArthur presided over an assembly of fifty

enthusiastic Scots. These suppers continued until 1858, when Milwaukeeans

joined lovers of Burns throughout the world in preparing a fitting celebration

of the centennial of the poet’s birth on January 25th, 1859.


  A meeting for the purpose of formalizing such an organization, and to

Perfect arrangements for the Burns Centennial Banquet, was held on January

18th, 1859 in the offices of the Phoenix Insurance company, in the Newhall House, which occupied the northwest corner of Main (now Broadway) and

Michigan Streets. The St. Andrew’s Society of Milwaukee was duly



  The St. Andrew’s Society was formally incorporated by an Act of the

Wisconsin Legislature on March 23rd, 1871, giving it a unique status as a

Wisconsin Corporation. That Act (Private & Local Laws, Chapter 439 of the

Laws of 1871), rather than an ordinary registration with the Secretary of State,

Gives the Society it’s legal name.



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Saint Andrew’s Society of The City of Milwaukee

Founded 1859 Incorporated 1871


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